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About Us

At the crossroads of Europe and Indonesia, the brand Bakker Made With Love breath in stores worldwide, a wind of freshness and optimism.

Charivari of ethnic prints, geometric patterns, soft mesh, simple and comfortable shapes and subtle colorama while halftones; the stylistic codes dear to the designer, Valerie Bakker, offer the child a cloakroom abounding choice of colours and shapes in the delightfully retro touch.

The universe of Bakker Made With Love, full of exoticism and poetry, has generated much envy among moms... They now have their own online! A current against other shoe Ready to Wear Adult who have expanded their collection to smaller, Valerie Bakker wished to inspire her kids mode to offer a collection for women.

Based in Bali, the designer still honours local expertise. Printing techniques and artisan weaves give each garment a little extra something. A real luxury in the era of hyper industrial profitability!

Collections women and children gathered in the first Paris store of the brand since November 2013: the walls, wallpaper created especially, the emblematic motifs Bakker made with love. Ikat prints, Bamako and Fuji are an invitation to travel ...

Bakker Made With Love
30 Rue des Petites Ecuries
75010 Paris
+33 9 81 86 06 60

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