Bakker made with love is a brand founded in 2005 by a former Classical dancer and lawyer, Valerie Bakker. After living her whole life in the south of France and Paris she decided to make her dream a reality and move to Bali Indonesia with her family.

Being inspired by her different trips, people and beautiful island, Valerie decided to create Bakker made with Love. The concept of our brand is to ally different cultures with a hand made labor. All our collections are though thru deeply and are made from scratch to fit every type of personality and figure.

We are based in Indonesia but we inspire ourselves from Parisian women , their class, elegance and their risk taking fashion minds. The message we convey throughout our brand is that differences can create symbiosis. And as Miuccia Prada said “What you wear reflects how you present yourself to the world, Fashion is a language”.

Summer 2021